Success! Jenny The Running Thriver

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Jenny the running Thriver

Jenny, The Running Thriver!

Jenny, a survivor of domestic violence, attended one of Susan Omilian’s My Avenging Angel Workshops,™ supported by CT-ALIVE’s Never Going Back to Abuse Project in March 2011. The work she did in the two-day workshop inspired her to continue her journey from survivor to “thriver” and she began running again.  Starting with half and full marathons, Jenny chronicled her story on her blog, The Running Thriver and began a fundraising campaign for CT-ALIVE which she calls Running for the Color Purple.

For many Octobers to mark Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Jenny ran a race that pushed her limits as a runner and athlete.  She  ran the Bimbler’s Bluff 50K, a grueling, off-road foot race through woodland preserves in Connecticut.  Finishing that race in nine hours, she raised $1,000 for CT-ALIVE from family and friends to support the free motivational workshop that helped her on her journey thriving!

For Jenny, there are no limits to what a woman can accomplish after abuse and she believes that every woman is bigger than her past story.

Trish Helps Others Step Forward into a New Life

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Trish Thomas

Trish McGrath

A survivor of intimate partner violence in college, Trish attended one of Susan Omilian’s My Avenging Angel Workshops in the fall of 2012 which are supported by the CT-ALIVE Never Going Back to Abuse Project .

“Susan’s two-day workshop allowed me to address the fears and self-doubt that I had carried around with me for 30+ years. The writing exercises helped me to articulate and own my feelings and learn techniques to quiet my “Inner Critic.” Both of these exercises enabled me to move forward with my life in a safe and supportive environment that Susan’s workshops provide.  Now I am thriving along with a whole community of women who Susan has helped!”

Trish was so impressed with Susan’s work and how CT-ALIVE’s support allowed to be provided free of charge to the women , she now donates her time and talents as a profession resume writer and job search coach in CT-ALIVE’s Stepping Forward Program.  This program is also provided free of charge to women who have completed Susan’s two-day workshop and it helps them regain their economic independence with individual and group coaching in job search, resume writing and financial services.  Trish is also active in CT-ALIVE fundraising efforts and has served as President of the CT-ALIVE Board.