Every time you pay your electric bill, Discount Power makes a donation to CT-ALIVE!

Discount Power is the leading low-cost, licensed electric supplier specializing in deregulated electrical energy. It serves residential, commercial, industrial and municipal users with a comprehensive suite of electric energy alternatives and value-added services to maximize savings & lower consumption.

Currently, Discount Power’s variable rate provides  significant savings to residential customers of both Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating utilities.

Change your Connecticut Electrical Supplier TODAY, SAVE $$ and Help CT-ALIVE!

TO ENROLL with Discount Power ON-LINE, go to www.discountpower.c om/ct-alive.

Follow these easy instructions below. All you need is your Connecticut electric bill!

TO SIGN UP FOR DISCOUNT POWER under CT-ALIVE account (www.discountpower.com/ct-alive):

  • Click  “Connecticut.”
  • From the drop-down menu, “Select a utility,” click on your company.
  • Click the green “SELECT” button and the button will now read “Picked.”
  •  FILL IN FORM with info from your electric bill.  Click “Find it” if you don’t know where the info is on your bill.
  • Enter your personal information including e-mail address and phone. Do not include spaces or dashes with your phone number.
  • Click on “terms and conditions” to read and then close it out to return to enrollment page.
  • Key in your name in the e-signature box.
  • Click on green “ENROLL” button.  A Thank You page will indicate that your enrollment is complete and confirm the enrollment information.  You can print that page for your records.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see “One More Step” in large letters. Just below it hit “Click here” to select a charity.
  •  Read the charity descriptions and click, “Select” next to one you choose. CT-ALIVE is first on the list!
  •  You will see a “pop up” note thanking you for enrolling in charity program. Click “OK.”If you didn’t select a charity when you enrolled, you can still pick one by going to the “Charity” tab on the discount power website and follow instructions under “still need to enroll” in charity designation. You’ll see CT-ALIVE listed there as a selection.Thank you for enrolling.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: (For more, go to www.discountpower.com/ct-alive)

What is deregulation and what does it mean to me?
Deregulation allows for companies (like Discount Power) other than the public utilities to offer electric power to consumers. This allows for competition which results in lower prices.

How much will I save?
You will see a savings in the generation portion of your bill. You can save on the cost of your electricity.

What do you mean by the generation portion of my bill?
There are two elements to your electric bill, one is the cost of the electricity and the other is the cost of delivering the electricity to your home or office. The generation portion of your bill is the cost you pay to buy the electricity.

Will I get two electric bills?
No, you will still receive only one bill. Your bill will continue to come from the public utility (CL&P or UI).

Will my bill look different?
No, your bill will look the same. The only difference you will see is Discount Power will be listed as your electric supplier.

Will CL&P or UI be upset if I choose an electric supplier?
No. CL&P and UI ENCOURAGE their customers to choose an electric supplier to help lower energy costs.