CT-ALIVE supports programs that provide women with motivational tools and invaluable  resources  that inspire and empower them to  reclaim their lives and “thrive” after abuse.


Never Going Back to Abuse Project

Through the Never Going Back to Abuse Project women uncover their hidden talents, set new goals to awaken their creative potential and create a new, non-violent future for themselves and their children. Women who reclaim their lives in this way are less likely to return to an abusive relationship and/or suffer the long-term physical and psychological consequences of the abuse they have experienced.

The Never Going Back to Abuse Project supports:

  • motivational workshops and monthly support groups,
  • private coaching sessions and weekend retreats
  • other services to women to reclaim their lives after abuse.

NEW Logo-Clr-MAACT-ALIVE has partnered with Susan Omilian, originator and facilitator of My Avenging Angel Workshops™, to support these important services to women who have been abused.

This unique, innovative approach builds on the life-saving work of the domestic violence shelters and sexual assault crisis center.  While the goal of those programs has been to get the women safely out of abuse, this project will help women rebuild their self esteem and work positively to stabilize their lives emotionally, financially and socially so that they will not return to an abusive relationship in the future.

Participants in these workshops have started their own businesses, returned to school to get advanced degrees in law and medicine, got new jobs at higher pay that more closely match to their skills and talents, resumed singing careers, become first-time homeowners, successfully managed their money and found new, healthy, non-abusive relationships.

Contact Susan Omilian, Project Director for more information about this project.

Download FLYER for upcoming workshops at 




The Stepping Forward Program

2016 Stepping Forward Trisha and Therese 2

Trish McGrath of Edge Career Solutions works with Stepping Forward participant on resume writing, job search and career coaching.

The Stepping Forward Program is an economic empowerment effort for women who have been abused.  It  provides guidance and assistance through individual and group coaching with job search, resume writing and financial services so that the woman can find new, better jobs and live independent, violence-free lives.

The program, as part of the free services supported by CT-ALIVE, connects survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and other abuse or trauma to resources for job search, career coaching, small business development and financial services.

The Stepping Forward Program is an economic empowerment effort for women who have attended the My Avenging Angel WorkshopsTM conducted by Susan Omilian. Those workshops are supported by CT-ALIVE and help women take the journey from victim to survivor to “thriver.” On that journey to thriving, the Stepping Forward Program helps women focus their career goals, sharpen job skills and manage finances so that they can move forward in life without severe economic and financial consequences.

With the workshops and job search help, abuse survivors regain confidence in themselves and restore hope that they do have a bright, brilliant future ahead of them. They free themselves from the grip of low self-esteem, emotional fear, shame and guilt that come as the devastating, long-term consequences of abusive and destructive relationships and find economic independence and freedom to pursue a exciting new future for themselves and their children.

Testimonial from a program participant “Since starting with the Stepping Forward Program, I have learned more about my strengths and the best type of work for me. I have developed a resume that I feel confident about and have started interviewing for new jobs! I This program has helped me to focus on me, my future and be empowered.



We Are On Your Side Project

Because one reason many women cite for not leaving is lack of support from families and friends, CT-ALIVE, through its “We Are On Your Side” Project, has conducted support groups to educate a key group on how to support a loved one in leaving an abusive relationship. The monthly support group ran in two areas of Connecticut for several years and was attended by family and friends of women who were in abusive relationships, but who might not be ready or able to leave.

While CT-ALIVE no longer offers support groups, it continues to serve these families and friends on an as-needed basis through referrals from other agencies and through the 2-1-1 Info Line. This project addresses a critical, unmet need in our community that can help reduce violence in homes and promote peace for children and families.

DOWNLOAD HERE… a copy of materials produced for support group members to aid in understanding about the dynamics of domestic violence, including the warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship and how to help a loved one currently in such a relationship.

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