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OUR MISSION: "Empowering victims and their families to heal after experiencing the trauma of violence and abuse by providing support, advocacy and education."

CT-ALIVE is a Connecticut non-profit, tax-exempt organization run by, and for, survivors of violence.


Learn Our History!


Susan with photos of her niece Maggie

A phone call in the middle of the night on October 18, 1999 brought Susan Omilian the news that Maggie, her nineteen-year-old niece, had been shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend. No one had seen the danger Maggie was in, not even Susan, an attorney and advocate for women’s rights.

Shocked and outraged by what happened to Maggie, Susan turned this senseless act of violence into an opportunity to create and conduct her My Avenging Angel Workshops that help women survivors of abuse move on as Maggie could not.

Today’s Susan’s innovative workshops and follow-up services, supported by the non-profit Connecticut Alliance for Victims of Violence & Their Families Inc. (CT-ALIVE), have built a community of women who are “thriving” after abuse!


Free Workshops Supported by CT-ALIVE

Thriving After Abuse!

“Living well is the best revenge” is the theme of the My Avenging Angel Workshops™ being offered by Susan Omilian — the workshops’ award-winning originator and facilitator.

Described by participants as “life-changing,” these workshops provide the critical “next step” for women to break permanently out of the cycle of violence and “thrive” after abuse.

Sponsored by the Hartford Health Care and supported by the “Never Going Back to Abuse Project” of the Connecticut Alliance for Victim of Violence and Their Families Inc. (CT-ALIVE), these workshops are free of charge to women who have experienced abuse — domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse. Susan has also created a follow-up program for women who complete her two-session workshops.  That Archangel Community supports them to accomplish the goals they set and stabilize their lives emotionally, socially and financially.

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Celebrate Our Partners, Our Successes!

Jenny the running Thriver

Jenny, The Running Thriver!

Jenny, a survivor of domestic violence, attended one of Susan Omilian’s My Avenging Angel Workshops,™ supported by CT-ALIVE’s Never Going Back to Abuse Project. The work she did in the two-day workshop inspired her to continue her journey from survivor to “thriver” and pursue running again.

Starting with half and full marathons, Jenny chronicled her story on her blog, The Running Thriver and began a fundraising campaign for CT-ALIVE, Running for the Color Purple.

For many years every October for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Jenny ran a race that pushes her limits as a runner and athlete. Today, CT-ALIVE has a number of ways that it supports the  free workshops and monthly activities that inspired Jenny on journey to thriving! Now her story inspires other!

Let’s help more women like Jenny thrive!




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