In order to fulfill our mission — to empower victims and their families to heal after experiencing the trauma of violence and abuse — CT-ALIVE would like to develop several new projects that bolster and support our current Never Going Back to Abuse Project.

These projects are NOT presently in operation, but if you are interested in supporting them and hastening the day when CT-ALIVE can launch them, please go to our DONATE page.

Expressive Arts Project

This project will be dedicated to using art and writing to help survivors of abuse to heal, grow and change. Through creative expression, women and children can recover a sense of renewal, energy and power.

Their written and artistic expressions of the images of hope, survival and strength can educate the public about the impact of abuse on their lives as well as their courage to move forward and change their lives.


Healing Touch Project

Often women who have been abused find it difficult to be physically touched and often providers of healing services are not trained to the needs and strengths of these clients.

Through the use of healing touch, such as massage and intuitive energy work, women can find health and the healing they need to move forward with their lives.  This project will introduce women to the various healing tools and techniques that are available and make them more accessible to them by covering some or all of the cost to receive these services on an on-going basis from providers who are trained as part of the project to the needs of women who have been abused.


“Thriver” Resource Center

Women need resources and help to navigate challenging life transitions after leaving an abusive relationship, dealing with a sexual assault or other traumatic incident. These transitions could include divorce, career change, job loss, illness or retirement.

This project will further women’s development by providing them with:

  • Information and referrals to other community resources,
  • Coaching/Mentoring to help identify options, set career goals,
  • Access to medical, legal and other important information and,
  • A range of other services, training and workshops to help women move forward with their lives and THRIVE!


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