Trish Thomas

Board President Trish Thomas

Board President Trish Thomas

A survivor of intimate partner violence in college, I consider myself very fortunate because my family was able to help me escape the abusive relationship and rebuild my life.

Not everyone is so lucky. I know how important a strong support system is to breaking the cycle of domestic violence, so I volunteer with CT-ALIVE to provide support to women who are rebuilding their lives after abuse.  In May of 2012, I attended CT-ALIVE’s fundraising event with actress/domestic violence survivor Meredith Baxter. I was so impressed by the strength of the Thrivers who shared their stories.

I could see how CT-ALIVE and Susan Omilian’s My Avenging Angel Workshop™ had helped them heal so I asked to join the CT-ALIVE Board of Directors.

I also donate my time as a career coach to CT-ALIVE’s monthly Stepping Forward Program, helping women regain their economic independence through increased employment opportunities.