Board Member Michael BelmontBoard Member Michael Belmont

Wanting to become more involved in my community and to give back to others, I looked for a nonprofit board where I felt my managerial and operations experience could bring support and benefit to those in need. Through Leadership Greater Hartford, I met a number of nonprofit organizations looking for board members. In my research of these boards and their missions, I was immediately inspired to work with CT-ALIVE.

I was impressed by the dedication of Board Members and the passion of Project Director Susan Omilian. When I listened to the organization’s history and the driving force of these individuals, I knew that helping victims of domestic violence was where I wanted to focus my energy.

Little did I realize the need for what CT-ALIVE is accomplishing! As I became more involved with the Board and shared my experiences with others, the more I learned of women who had suffered domestic violence in their past and they expressed to me the dire need for this support. I was astonished to learn of friends and even family members who had kept quiet about the abuse they suffered and wished that they had known about the supportive programs CT-ALIVE offers.

I am now more determined than ever to help CT-ALIVE to continue to grow and reach out to the women and children who need help moving from Victim to Survivor to THRIVER!